Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Printer Is Here!

My HP 9800 came today. Yeehaw! Like I said earlier, I found a good deal on this wide format wonder on Ebay. Of course, after my purchase, I decided to read the reviews. I always do that; buy first--read reviews later. The reviews were awful. I'm happy to report mine is working beautifully without any kinks. I printed off some Fourth of July part invites, pics of my son, and a digiscrap page (12X12). Everything turned out awesome. I'm excited about being able to print out my digiscrap pages now. I also have some plans for ubercool birthday cards. Did I mention the ink cartridges are ten dollars cheaper than my old Epson's? Most of the people who complained about it on Ebay were trying to use it for their businesses. I can see how a cheaper wide format HP would not be a great choice for high volume printing. It seems like you'd need one of those huge printing press like machines to do that kind of job. Anyway, I am happy for now creating digital masterpieces in GIMP and playing with my new printer.