Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today has not been a great day for me and my creative endeavours. My printer officially died. I am very disappointed because I was planning a super cool Father's Day card for the hubby. Now I have no way to print it out. I'm just going to have to show it to him on the computer tomorrow. LAME! I did buy a wide format printer off Ebay. It should be here next week. It's an HP 9800. The super cool thing is that it will let me print off 12X12 scrapbook pages. This guy had a ton of them in his warehouse and was selling them pretty cheap. Don't worry; he's a platinum seller and had over one thousand positive reviews. I'm safe.

The gardening is coming along slowly. I bought my son a bubble machine, and he sits in his exersaucer and watches the bubbles float by while I get a bit of gardening done. The zinnias are looking good, and I have several that reseeded. It's going to be zinnia crazy around here soon. I hope it looks nice by my Fourth of July party.